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Family Law and Divorce: A Guide to Important Legal Terms

At The Wade Law Firm, PLLC in Central Mississippi, we know that legal notions of Family Law, as well as legal terms themselves, have developed and grown over many years. During that transformation, a specialized vocabulary has emerged which can make

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Life Planning: Are Your Family and Interests Protected?

All phases of life are accompanied by important decisions. Pursuing higher education, choosing a spouse, building a career, starting a family, or buying a home are just a few of these choices, all of which may require the help and

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Family Law 2.0 – Don’t Let Social Media Land Your Case in Hot Water

We all love using social media in our daily lives. It’s a quick and useful way to share opinions, news, or even just fun photos with friends and loved ones. But, if you aren’t careful with what you put on

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Child Support in Mississippi: What Happens If Obligations Aren’t Met

Child Support in Mississippi: What If An Ex-Spouse or Non-Custodial Parent Stops Paying? What if the Non-Custodial Parent Can’t Meet His/Her Child Support Obligation? The State of Mississippi, like jurisdictions across the country, is keenly interested in whether or not ex-spouses or

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