12 Fault Grounds for Divorce in Mississippi

Welcome to the The Wade Law Firm, PLLC in Jackson, Mississippi blog site. As a full service law firm, our legal team offers a range of counsel, compassion, and zealous advocacy to every client. Among other areas, The Wade Law Firm concentrates on legal issues that touch closest to home – family law.

One of the more common reasons for consulting a family attorney is to consult and consider the subject of divorce. No one enjoys going through a divorce, but it is often one of the most important decisions a person will make in his or her life. The state of Mississippi has recognized this fact and outlined the twelve “fault grounds” for divorce. These are scenarios where one spouse may be entitled to a divorce based on the poor conduct of the other spouse.
We’ll go over twelve fault grounds for divorce allowed in the courts of Mississippi, but first we should discuss the eligibility requirements for obtaining a divorce in Mississippi.

Divorce in Mississippi

Only people who have been residents of Mississippi for at least six months may file for divorce in Mississippi. Our state has a policy of favoring marriage; it is generally good for families, particularly for the emotional and psychological development of children. Because of this, Mississippi is an easy place to get married, but requires a bit more to file for divorce.

If you’ve lived in Mississippi for at least six months, and are considering whether a divorce is a necessary step for you, these are scenarios where you may be able to prove that you are entitled to a divorce based on the wrongdoing (or fault) of your spouse.

Here are twelve fault grounds that may justify divorce (this is a basic list and does not cover all of the legal consideration involved in these matters):

1. Natural impotency
2. Adultery
3. Being sentenced to any penitentiary
4. Willful, continued, and obstinate desertion for one year
5. Habitual drunkenness
6. Habitual drug use
7. Habitual cruel and unusual treatment
8. Mental illness or intellectual disability not known of at the time of marriage
9. Marriage to another person at the time of pretended marriage
10. Pregnancy of the wife by another person
11. Incest
12. Incurable mental illness

Again, the reasons listed above are for reference only, and do not fully explain every detail of each ground for divorce. If you think that divorce may be a necessary step for you, you should consult a family law attorney. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a lawyer to help with important decisions like divorce. Some issues to be considered in divorce are division of marital property, assets and debt, division of retirement income/benefits, child support, custody, and visitation. The Wade Law Firm is well-prepared and committed to assist clients throughout Mississippi.

If you would like help navigating the numerous legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce, contact us today. The Wade Law Firm, Jackson, Mississippi Divorce and Family Law Attorney, is ready to answer your questions! Give us a call at 601.790.0043 or contact us online to discuss your legal matters in a confidential, affordable consultation.

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