Top Five Reasons Why You Need an Attorney

Attorney Vangela M. Wade

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We’ve all seen legal dramas unfold on television or in movies. Sometimes great lawyers argue back in forth in and out of the courtroom. Other times the “average Joe” puts on a nice shirt, makes a stirring speech in the courtroom, and wins his case against all odds. It makes for great entertainment! Unfortunately, real life legal issues often require a lot more than a few pretty words strung together. Maybe it’s fine to appear alone to defend against a simple speeding ticket or a parking violation, but Family Law matters like divorce, child support, child custody, and visitation issues demand a zealous and professional advocate. Not to mention the need for experienced legal representation to help you navigate your rights and liabilities.

Here are the top five reasons why you need an attorney:

1. Law is Complicated

Navigating Mississippi Family Laws, Chancery Court Rules and Procedures is not easy. The history of law is full of examples of well-meaning people who found themselves in trouble as a result of ill-fated attempts to be their own attorneys. For one, legal disputes in general can become very frustrating. Multiply that frustration by 100 to begin to understand the emotional impact and frustration of Divorce, contested or uncontested, child custody disputes, child support modifications, and other matters intersecting the lives of loved ones. A professional lawyer is well trained and emotionally neutral. Attorneys tend to focus on the facts and the law. This means even when times get tough, your lawyer aims to focus on representing your or your child’s best interest to achieve the best result, not just winning the argument. Lawyers can navigate complicated rules and know what to say (and sometimes what not to say).

2. Attorneys Know How and Where to File Important Documents

Whether you need help with a divorce, child custody, will and probate issues, or a personal injury case, you need to follow the right procedures. How long do you have to file the necessary paperwork? Do you know where to file your papers? How long do you have until you can appear before a judge? These procedural issues are extremely important. Especially in Mississippi, not following the official procedural regulations can result in dismissal of your case or losing. Either could mean a disruption in your family life the well being of its youngest most fragile members. This is a very technical area where only a professional attorney can be trusted to get it right.

3. The Other Party Will Have an Attorney

What’s worse than appearing in court as your own lawyer is the possibility of representing yourself when your opponent has the legal help that you are without. If you’re dealing with a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, you can be guaranteed the prosecuting attorney’s job is not representing your best interest but more likely working to convict you. In a civil case dealing with issues like bankruptcy and contested divorce and estate probate, going against an opposing attorney is just as likely. Don’t risk litigating without your trusted lawyer by your side.

4. Lawyers Can Help You Compromise

Sometimes winning your case outright may not be a realistic option. Like many other areas of life, compromise is often the best way to resolve a legal issue. An experienced attorney will likely have handled cases similar to yours before. The attorney will know what is a reasonable outcome for your specific case. With specialized legal experience and a good professional reputation, a knowledgeable lawyer can help you solve your problems in a quicker, less stressful manner. An experienced Family Law Attorney can guide and represent you in the process where the judge’s ultimate concern is the “best interests of the child” not absolute win or loss or even fairness to the parties.

5. Having an Attorney May Actually Save You Money

Sure, hiring a lawyer may not sound like an inexpensive affair, but proceeding without a professional attorney can often be far more costly. Losing a criminal case may mean you face a higher fines and other fees that go along with it. In addition, not hiring a lawyer to help with a civil case could result in less time with your child, unfairly high or low child support or alimony payments, losing money in bankruptcy proceedings, or seeing property in a will be handed to the wrong person. There’s no doubt the cost of not hiring an attorney can easily cost you more than hiring one!

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The Wade Law Firm, PLLC is located in the Metro-Jackson area and is prepared to assist clients throughout Mississippi and the greater Mid-South area.

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